Hey there,

My name is Nishal. I’m an engineer by day, musician by night.

Music and Engineering are two things that fascinate me the most. Ever since the fist day I saw Knight Rider, and Star Trek, I’ve been curious to find how a microchip could do things that are supposedly impossible for any human being.

I picked up my first guitar at 13 – it was a relic lying at home, which I got repaired and setup. Although it seemed worthless back then, it turned out to be a 1976 Harmonics parlor guitar – which is quite a rare find – and it has to be one of the first few guitars ever made in Sri Lanka.

I grew up listening to mostly guitar dominated music like Iron Maiden, Metallica and Korn. Since then, I knew that I wanted not just to play the guitar, but to play it well. I am mostly a self-taught guitarist, picking up some pointers here and there. I had the privilege to play in a number of musical groups since my school days – covering most of the musical spectrum, from classical ensembles, to rock bands. I completed my Grade 8 certification in Rock and Pop Guitar, which was awarded by Trinity College, London. I am currently moonlighting as a recording, live, and session musician.

Ever since my school days, I was fascinated by scientific subjects like mathematics ad physics. Its no wonder I decided to enroll in a Electronic Engineering undergraduate course! I completed my B.Eng (Hons) in Electronic Engineering. Following my undergraduate work, I completed my M.Sc in Telecommunication and Electronic Engineering. By day, I have been utilizing my technical knowledge in the industry ever since.

Apart from being a engineer/ musician, I am also a researcher. My primary interests of research, to name a few, are music technology, music information retrieval, internet of musical things, computer vision, internet of things, and digital signal processing. I have several published works which can be found in the publications section.

I enjoy recording, and performing with my guitar (some example work here), researching on interesting digital technologies, doing fun projects (read my projects blog!), travelling, and landscape photography.

Please read through, enjoy, and reach out if you need any clarifications on the content I’ve posted, my social media links are below,

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