Cable car ride to 2200m!

I spent some time in the Tyrolian region of southern Austria in early 2016. It was mid January on a very late winter. I traveled around on my free time, and one weekend, I visited the breathtaking little town of Innsbrusk!

A little off the town center is the entry for the Nordkette Cable Car. Despite it being extremely cold, me and my friends decided to check out this experience, and Boy! we were stunned!

The cable car ran from Innsbruck to the top of the Hafelekarspitze mountain following the Hafelekar Run – which is supposed to be one of the steepest ski runs on Europe. There are two stops in the cable car ride, which ends at Hafelekar cirque – which is the top station of the Nordkette Cable Car. The views here are spectacular!

The top station of the Nordketten Cable Car at the Hafelekar cirque – Wikipedia
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